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SEZ Bengal - Communist leaders a threat to India

Monday, January 08, 2007

The SEZ scam in India has turned violent. Farmers trying to save their own farm land were beaten to death by CPM activists and 7 lives lost and many injured. The worst thing about these communist (CPM) leaders is that are they are the biggest hypocrites in India. They proclaim themselves as friends of common men and the poor. They first came out against the SEZ policy saying it was a LAND BANK SCAM. But in the past few weeks, all their actions have been into greedy land grabbing exercises.

International readers of this blog maybe wondering why is this the biggest real estate scam ?
Under the SEZ policy, the state government will forcibly kick you out of the land you own, cultivate and make living out of it. They then hand it over to powerful industrialists who are greedy land sharks. With a weak legal system prevailing in the world's largest democracy, the poor are always at the receiving end.

If the industrialists are interested in developing the Indian industry, why can't they goto remote areas and start manufacturing units? Why can't the government setup infrastructure just like the Chinese did ?

No I am not against Bengal being industrialized but don't be fuc*ing morons by taking lives of people for industrialization.

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At 1:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Except theword 'SEZ' there is nothing common in Indian SEZ and the Chinese SEZ. Chinese SEZ is mainly for Production for Exports only earning foreign exchange through competitive exports, whereas Indian SEZ is mainly for land grabbing with no compulsion of 'all production for exports'.


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