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SEZ Bubble Burst - DLF Selling its Noida SEZ

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Largest Real Estate Scam in the World -Special Economic Zones bubble has been burst. Thanks to former RBI Governor Dr. Reddy for keeping the Indian banking and Financial institutions away from these Land Scamsters.

DLF is all set to SELL its IT SEZ in Noida according to reports. Three more developers are seeking to SELL their IT SEZs and several asking them to be de-notified [withdrawl of permission]. Thanks to the global economic crisis :-)

K.P.Singh of DLF seems to have gone Wooly in the head said a blogger,
Minister of Commerce Kamal Nath inspired the biggest post-Independence land grab in the country through earmarking of Special Economic Zones...But a fallacious premise that SEZs will facilitate Tax Breaks Ad Infinitum made Realtors scrounge up Land at atrocious price across the country. Now, that few can afford the same DLF's Singh has asked the Banks to fund over-priced Reality at low interest rates such that Land Banks can be parceled out to the public. How crazy can the Real Estate mafia get? How far low can Ministers stoop.
Finally the world has realized [2 years after we dedicated this blog to expose the SEZ Land Scam] what a big scam SEZs in India are. Hopefully all these land grabbers will perish soon.


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