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Gurgaon Residential Apartment - Market - Buy or Wait ?

Monday, April 25, 2011

DLF Gurgaon, Location ShotWe recently held a road show with a NCR-based broker to enlighten our readers on the Residential Property Trends in Gurgaon. Here are the key takeaways.
  • Established builders with better track records find it easy to sell properties. DLF and Unitech are selling properties faster (and at a premium) than their smaller peers.
  • Volumes are likely to remain flat helped by volumes from emerging areas.
  • Good demand for Properties nearing completion so that Buyers get immediate possession
  • Residential Apartment Investors remain in the market but the investment time frame has changed from 5–12 months earlier to 2–3 years now. Investors include (1) second home buyers, (2) NRIs, (3) service class executives, and 4) professionals.
  • Most complained about the Government related approval issues as a key risk to execution
People maybe investing in Second Homes, but we strongly recommend our investors to take a disciplined investment approach in Indian Equities which will yield far better returns in the next 10 years.


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